Scottish Honey

Good honey is like a good wine: it should be a mosaic of fantastic, hard to describe, flavours. It should be different in texture and appearance depending on where and when it was harvested. Set our Heather, Blossom or Clover honeys on a table and taste them all and you’ll be shocked by the wide range of flavours and characteristics they present.


With honey and many other foods, what is treated most simply-least-is best; albeit the simple approach to food and drink often requires the most knowledge and discrimination from the producer. Thats why John Anderson has dedicated the last 30 years mastering the art of producing only the highest quality Scottish honey.

Based in the agricultural town of Turriff in North East Scotland we are ideally situated to harvest the natural goodness that the rich fertile land produces. The flowering plants and trees that are on the country estates to the heather moors in the Scottish Highlands our bees are well catered for.

Anderson’s also specialise in a variety of scottish jams, marmalades, curds and jellies which are made using the traditional ‘open pan’ method  of jam-making which gives all
our preserves their delicious ‘homemade’ taste.

Scottish fruit is exclusively used for all our strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant,
rhubarb and redcurrant products as we believe that ingredients of this quality
create the finest preserves, particularly when manufactured in the
traditional open pans. – Setting the Heather alight!!!