New Zealand Comb Honey

Honey in its most natural form.

Sealed in the Honey Comb by the bees, Honey Comb retains the flavour
and aroma. The fresh bouquet is sealed in. Many mono floral honey
types exhibit their best characteristics in Honey
Comb form – a unique gourmet treat.

The honey comb is made from beeswax, which in turn is made from nectar gathered by honeybees. Presented as the bees created
it, Honey Comb is pure and unprocessed.

Honey Comb has many uses. These include use as a spread on toast, on bread, a snack on its own, in cereal in cooking, crushed over breakfast fruits such as kiwifruit, grapefruit, melon, bananas, strawberries etc. or as a gourmet treat. When used as a spread, the comb is eaten along with the bread and almost passes unnoticed, but has a certain delicate flavour of its own. The wax comb is perfectly edible.

Many honeys have a natural tendency
to crystallise. In Honey Comb this
sometimes shows up as a certain sugary consistency. While this condition is uncommon, it is perfectly
natural and the nutritional value of the product is unchanged.