Scottish Blossom Honey

Our Blossom honey comes from various floral sources, harvested
throughout the summer. Nectar from many sources including clover
willowherb, chesnut, sycamore, lime, wild raspberry, bramble and
some oil seed rape helps to give the fine texture and a true
taste of Scotland. It makes a mesmerizing honey.

Our Blossom honey has a lovely aroma and a soft light flavour. It is great used in tea, spreading on breads or biscuits and
however you choose to use this honey.

Our goal is to provide you, with repeatable
quality and consistent flavour. To get the constant consitincy we need to cream the honey. Creamed honey is 100% pure honey
- there is nothing extra added. The “creaming” process relies on, and enhances, honey’s natural tendency to crystallize. Utilizing this feature creates a product with a very small crystal size, so small that the product appears smooth and silky. The interlocking nature of these crystals gives
the product its smooth, thick,
spreadable texture.

The “pearly” appearance of good quality creamed honey is evidence of the small crystal size. When small crystals form
they are flat in shape. Any disturbance in the product (such as when the
jars are filled) causes the crystals to be aligned together. The flat sides
of the crystals reflect light while the edges do not. This effect creates a
pattern of light and dark “swirls” in the honey – honey at its best! 

Available in 227g, 340g and 454g jars