Scottish Clover Honey

Our Clover honey is produced on the wide open grass pastures in the
North of Scotland. The normal cycle is that clover starts to predominate
in mid Summer. The peak of the honey flow is at the point where
lowering moisture levels start to slightly stress the plant.
This peak may last a few days or in exceptional circumstances
(perhaps when boosted by additional rainfall) over
a few weeks to produce a bumper harvest.

The main clover species in Scotland are
white clover (Trifolium repens) and red
clover (T. pratense). Clover is mainly
planted by organic farmers to reduce
nitrogen levels in the ground, instead
of using fertilisers and chemicals. 

The rich, creamy taste has sweet floral
tones yet is exquisitely mild, which
means it is delicious in tea without
altering its taste. This delightful
honey is light in colour with a
delicate floral bouquet. 
Unfortunately Scottish Clover honey
is not as available as it once was!!!

Available in 454g jars