Scottish Heather Honey blended with 12 Year Old
Single Malt GlenDronach Scottish Whisky

Heather is what you smell when you wander around the scottish
countryside on a warm August afternoon, something all of us should
do at least once in our lives. It’s intoxicating – as dreamy as the
surreal landscape. It makes a distinguished honey
especially when its blended with twelve year old scotch Whisky from the Glendronach distillery. The Whisky infused Heather Honey is succulent, sweet and rich. Butterscotch colour, toasted toffee flavour, and a texture that’s thick and creamy.

Bell Heather (Erica Cinerea) is in flower in July and forms a minor part of the product but imparts to it a darker hue. Ling Heather (Calluna Vulgaris) is the principal component and our main crop at Anderson’s each August. Its flavour is distinctive amongst the honeys of the world, with a rich, full taste of the Highlands. Being a darker honey it is high in healthy

Glendronach Scotch whisky distillery is set among the gentle rolling countryside of the Forgue Valley in Aberdeenshire’s ‘castle country’.
The Dronac burn flows through the grounds and
the water source is a spring east of the distillery.

The name Glendronach comes from the Gaelic, ‘Valley of the Brambles’