Scottish Heather Honey

Heather honey is “the Rolls Royce of honey”. It is “very special stuff”.

Heather is what you smell when you wander around the scottish
countryside on a warm August afternoon, something all of us should
do at least once in our lives. It’s intoxicating – as dreamy as the
surreal landscape. It makes a distinguished honey,
succulent, sweet and rich. A butterscotch colour, toasted toffee flavour, and a texture that’s thick and creamy.

Bell Heather (Erica Cinerea) is in flower in July and forms a minor part of the product but imparts to it a darker hue. Ling Heather (Calluna Vulgaris) is the principal component and our main crop at Anderson’s each August. Its flavour is distinctive amongst the honeys of the world, with a rich, full taste of the Highlands. Being a darker honey it is high in healthy

While from their cells, still moist with morning ‘dew, The winged wanderers
sip the honied glue; In wilder circle wakes the liquid hum, And far remote the winged murmurs come. Oh ! the wafts o’ heather honey and the music on the brae. As I watch the
great hearts feeding nearer, nearer, a’ the day.

Available in 227g, 340g and 454g jars